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EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
become better aware of the toxins found in every aspect of our lives... and what the related government reguations are.
Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome
Visit the DAMS website for documentation of adverse effects related to mercury, amalgams, vaccinations, and other toxic metals. Information also availabe on the developmental/neurological effects on children, endocrine disrupting chemicals, energy trends, emissions, and environmental effects.
Free Toxicity Test -
Quick test to get an idea of where the toxins in your system might be coming from. Fun little quiz!
Center for Disease Control
Top 20 Priority List of Hazardous Substances
Common Toxins -
A list of toxins (commonly found in our surroundings), their sources, and desrciptions.
Environmental Working Group -
Phenominal website with tons of information on Arsenic, Mercury, and Asbestos toxicity.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Association
Resources and articles about heavy metal toxicity and it's relation to chronic fatigue syndrome.
Information about epilepsy and its connection to mercury toxicity.
Dental Amalgams Reference Page
A great deal of information pertaining to dental almalgams, related toxicity, and resulting disorders.
The Environmental Quality Institute
Environmental research institution focused on the identification of toxins in our environment, including lead, arsenic, mercury...
Mobility Padstm Foot Circulation Formula
Based on Oriental and Aryurvedic Herbology, these herbal pads utilize far infrared heat to gradually generate warmth and dilate capillaries. These convenient, disposable pads are invaluable for supporting mobility and circulation in the feet.

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Mooncup Menstrual Cup -
Calling all women! The Mooncup Menstrual Cup is an alternative to the tampon. Find out what women using the Mooncup thought... -
Free ebook on healthy living and distributor of Pro Star supplements.
Continuing education for massage
therapists - MRI - We provide quality continuing education for massage therapists with over 20 years of experience in advanced therapies. We sell health and education products such as Q Link, Pointer Plus and Shiatsu Charts.
Health Supplements,Vitamins,
natural herbal remedy, sports nutrition, weight loss products: Great Everyday Prices!! Fast Shipping! Our products are manufactured using the strict guidelines that meet or exceed the industry's "Good Manufacturing Practice."
Massage therapy and relaxation
products in Seminole Florida - ESG Massage Therapy is a massage clinic in Seminole Florida. We do out calls, gift certificates and sell massage and relaxation products on line.
Creative Health Institute -
Teaching the Ann Wigmore Diet
We teach wellness through alternative diet and exercise. Based on the discoveries of Dr. Ann Wigmore which emphasized wheat grass and raw living foods. Serving the Midwest since 1976.
HerbCare -
Premium medicinal herbal teas and tonics such as Pau d'Arco and Essiac used in the treatment of Cancer and other serious diseases also complimentary herbs such as stevia, lots of information re the herbs and on-line ordering
Thermoflow Products -
Natural Far Infrared healing & pain relief - Thermoflow garments use ceramic impregnated material that reflects Far Infrared Rays (FIR) back into the body. Cost effective therapy for pain relief, injury prevention and overall health
Environmentally Friendly Products
Molecular-Tech Coatings Inc. - Canadian industrial paints and coatings manufacturer. Developers of an environmentally friendly paint stripper that works!
Healing Thyself Naturally -
Natural Health through Diet, Herbs, Herbal Remedies and Physical Activity. Learn the nutritional value of McDonalds food. Discover how to make your own home remedies! New eBook entitled "Healthy Eating and Healing Veggies"!
Top Beauty Secrets
A review site that compares the best beauty products online and give the honest information from a well researched reviews of beauty products that are in-demand.
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